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[Vocabulary] Kulela/Couleurs/Colors

In Ciluba, like in many other languages, people refer to a common object to define a color, for example:

-a mayi aa mamvwa
couleur maïs / color of corn => jaune/yellow
-a mayi aa kamata
couleur tomate/ tomato color => rouge/red
-a mayi aa matàmbà/kaleji
couleur feuille de manioc / cassava leave color => vert/green


But there are standard color names as well:


Gris Cendre / Ash grey


Marron / Brown


Jaune / Yellow


Violet / Purple




Bleu / Blue


Noir / Black


Rouge / Red


Blanc / White

To associate those colors with names, you have two options, according to the adjective you want to use:

  • you drop the prefix mu- and put instead the corresponding prefix, depending on the class the name is part of.
  • you add the particle -a + color

-fiike(a) = noir/black
-kùnze = rouge/red
-tòòke(a) = blanc/white
-a bùlê = bleu/blue
-a kàlaabi = jaune/yellow
-a lumbidi = orange
-a lubundubundu = violet/purple

example: ditumbu difiike
un chapeau noir/ a black hat

Biensûr, il existe des nuances:
-kùnze = rouge/red -kùnzùbìle = rougeâtre / redish
-tòòke = blanc; -tòòkòlòke = blanchâtre

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