The Clawson Chronicles

This is typical of the road to Mwene Ditu. The paved road ended not far outside Mbuji Mayi. This road was relatively good, until you got closer to Mwene Ditu.

Road to Mwene Ditu (8)

I will be showing picks of many trucks that travel this road– just unbelievably over-loaded, and THEN have people on top to boot!

Road to Mwene Ditu (4)

Many, MANY trucks were broken down along the road. Some were being repaired on the spot, some had just been left. Several times we were lucky to be in a position to pass them, as they blocked the entire road. The larger trucks were out of luck– they just waited.

Road to Mwene Ditu (5)

Notice all the people on TOP of the truck! This is a combination truck and taxi…

Road to Mwene Ditu (10)

The rare patch of asphalt out of Mbuji Mayi was almost worse than the dirt road, as the pot-holes were quite large. Some of the holes we encountered could swallow a…

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