The Clawson Chronicles

The elders waiting to be interviewed by Pres. McMullin. While he was busy interviewing elders, Terri was checking on their health, and I was inspecting the Ward building.

Mwene Ditu (3)

The Mwene Ditu building– the chapel seats about 75, for a congregation of about 150-200! Every child must sit on a lap, and they use a large covered porch, as well as outside seating for Sunday meetings.

Mwene Ditu (16)

After the Pres. was finished, we walked to a small restaurant nearby for dinner with the Zone Leaders, and the Assistants to the Pres. who traveled with us.

Mwene Ditu (17)Mwene Ditu (19)

The Pres. and Sister McMullin walking hand in hand as we traveled to the restaurant, just ahead and to the right.

Mwene Ditu (21)

The view from the ‘penthouse’ suite of the restaurant. They had just opened this section of dining, and we all were getting a little overwhelmed by the fumes from the stain on the wood. You got…

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