The Clawson Chronicles

Here are some pics of the Mbuji Mayi District Conference. We flew to Mbuji Mayi on Friday; Saturday, while Pres. McMullin was in meetings at the District Offices, Terri and I were in other rooms with missionaries. Terri was dealing with their health issues while I talked to them about their apartments (we are also looking for new apartments in the area for expansion). Saturday afternoon were some meetings: Leadership meeting for both Priesthood and Relief Society, then immediately afterwards, the Adult Session. On Sunday was the general session, and in the afternoon we flew home.

By the way, I was asked to bear my testimony to almost a thousand people… in French…

MM Dist Conf day 1 (3)

Like in Kananga, they held the District Meetings in a large theater. It worked very well for their needs!

MM Dist Conf day 1 (4)

This is where the relief society met–a room just behind the large theater.

MM Dist Conf day 1 (11)

While the brethren met in…

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