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Mbuji Mayi Pics

The Clawson Chronicles

As we drove around Mbuji Mayi I just clicked a bunch of pictures. Some are great, some are not, but it will give you a feel of what the city looks like driving around the town. Like most cities in the Congo the biggest problem is lack of water. People stand in long lines to get water each day at the few access points.
MM 2 (3)MM 2 (2)MM 2 (1)MM (222)

MM (220)MM (219)MM (218)MM (216)

MM (215)MM (214)MM (212)MM (211)

MM (210)MM (209)MM (208)MM (207)

MM (206)MM (205)MM (204)MM (203)

You will notice they have Votacom signs everywhere! It is their major phone company. It is also how you can send money: from one phone to another.

MM (202)MM (201)MM (200)

Lots of construction going on in the Congo

MM (199)

MM (198)MM (197)MM (195)MM (194)MM (193)MM (192)MM (191)

MM (190)MM (189)MM (188)MM (187)MM (183)   MM (171)

MM (169)MM (168)MM (167)MM (165)  MM (162)MM (161)MM (160)

MM (159)MM (158)MM (157)MM (156)MM (155)MM (154)MM (153)MM (152)

MM (151)MM (150)MM (149)MM (148)MM (147)MM (145)

The local gas station

MM (144)

MM (143)MM (142)MM (141)MM (140)MM (139)MM (138)MM (137)MM (136)

MM (135)MM (134)MM (133)MM (132)MM (131)MM (130)MM (129)MM (126)

MM (125)  MM (122)MM (121)MM (119)MM (118)MM (117)MM (116)

MM (115)MM (113)MM (112)MM (110)MM (109)MM (108)MM (107)MM (106)

MM (105)MM (104)MM (103)MM (102)MM (101)MM (95)MM (92)MM (91)

MM (90)MM (89)  MM (85)  MM (83)MM (82)MM (81)

MM (76)MM (75)

The local tire store. Yes, they will but it on your car, for a fee–all by hand.

MM (74)MM (73)MM (71)MM (69)

MM (68)MM (67)MM (66)

The rubber straps are used by those selling or transporting charcoal to strap the charcoal in the bags they use to carry it.

MM (65)MM (64)   MM (61)

MM (60)MM (59)


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