[Luba Wisdom] Proverb/Dicton 4

Maybe you have heard this in some Ciluba songs. This is a famous proverb.

Luba traditional diviner (medicine men, witch doctors) dancing to the sound of slit drum, Kaluanzo, Katanga Province (1959)

Nnyòka wa bulandà, nnyòka wa bulelà. Kàsu kukusùma, kàsu kukudyà. Bubì nebùlwe àmu kuùdì.

Serpent d’amitié, serpent de parenté. Il ne cherche ni à te mordre ni à te manger. Le mal est en toi.

Friendly snake, related snake. It doesn’t want to bite you or eat you. Evil is inside you.


[Today in History] June 26th


1964 – Moise Tshombe forms government in Congo