The Clawson Chronicles

We just got back from what may be our last trip north. We left on Sunday morning for the airport in Lubumbashi, and with the normal assistance received by paying someone to get us through, we got on the plane with all of our luggage intact (it is always a nerve-racking experience going into the airports here—simply a mass of confusion). When we landed in Mbuji Mayi, Serge (one of the FM people who recently took over for Emanuel, who was promoted and moved to Kinshasa) was there to greet us and aide us in getting through the other end of the airport process. The airport director wanted to meet the new Mission President and get the ‘fee’ for coming to Mbuji Mayi for the first time (about $150).

Mbuji Mayi

They had brought two trucks so that the President could be taken immediately to begin interviewing elders while we…

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