Kabila not standing in 2016, but later. A Jew could be next DRCongo president in 2016

By Samuel OugaMoses-Katumbi

President Joseph Kabila seems to have secretly chosen Moise Katumbi; the governor of Katanga as his runner for the 2016 presidential elections in the DRCongo.

According to credible sources, Joseph Kabila told the French President;  François Hollande that there will be elections in 2016 and he will not be a candidate.

On the question of who could succeed Joseph Kabila, the name; Moise Katumbi surfaced in the said conversation.


article-a3f14938-f091-4427-948d-241a61cf0fa1-6VNIALfIgHSK2-212_634x422Kabila, it’s said does not want his friend, Governor Moise Katumbi; Secretly refered to as Kabila’s Congolese ‘Dmitry Medvedev,’  to be the target of the radical opposition as this may spoil all his chances to bounce back in 2021.

Sources say president Joseph Kabila and his friend; Governor Moses, with the ruling party inner circle have agreed that Once Katumbi becomes president in 2016, the constitution will be changed so that future presidents; from 2021, will be appointed by indirect suffrage. Kabila, would then be a candidate in 2021.

* Moses has just started to make donations to SNCC workers (DRCongo railways…)

  • His gifts do not stop only in Katanga He made donations in Kivu, Kasai and Orientale province.
  • He reassured foreign investors during the business forum in Katanga Lubumbashi it is there to guarantee their investments in Congo.
  • He is increasinglu articulating his dreams of creating a middle class in Congo.
  • The Katanga Governor has been holding meetings at TP Mazembe in recent times to prepare for the post Katumbi era in the privince.

  • Frequent trips to Kasai and holding rallies where people asked him to bring the changes he he made in Katanga to Kasai.

  • He has made peace with his long time “nemesis”, Jean-Claude Muyambo Kyassa.

  • President Kabila recently asked Governor Katumbi to receive the ambassador of the United Kingdom to Congo.

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