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“Comment te dire” by Bana C4


Title: Comment te dire
Artist: Bana C4
Album: Arrêt de jeu
Year: 2014

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“Kasayi wa Balengela” by Monik Tendayi

Kasayi wa balengela is THE unofficial anthem of Kasayi. Here, Monik Tendayi performs the song at Brussels event, Nocturnes Kasayennes 2012. All Baluba people know that song but I couldn’t really find its origin, if someone know, please leave a comment below. Enjoy!


Acoustic, Live Show, Misambu (Music)

[Live Show] Papa Wemba in Acoustic

The show was broadcasted for the first time on December 27th, 2014 on TV5.

Papa Wemba

Acoustic, Misambu (Music), Mutwashi

“L’homme est mauvais” by Jean Goubald Kalala

Chante en Français sur le rythme du mutwashi, musique traditionnelle du Kasayi


Acoustic, Ballad, Blues/Jazz, Misambu (Music)

“Ata ndele” by Ray Lema

Title: Ata Ndele
Artist: Ray Lema
Album: Gaïa
Year: 1990


Acoustic, Misambu (Music), Soukous/Ndombolo

“Amba” by Kasaï Masaï

Kasai Masai promotional image.

Acoustic, Misambu (Music), Soukous/Ndombolo, Traditional

“Yombonde” by Kasaï Masaï

Kasai Masai promotional image.

Acoustic, Blues/Jazz, Gospel, Misambu (Music)

“Faux Blues” by Job Lukalu


Songs Of Struggle Profile

Acoustic, Misambu (Music), Traditional

“Mwana yoka toli” by Jupiter Bokondji & Okwess International