Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Traditional

“Kanguluba” by Bayuda du Congo (Kadiyoyo)


A few years back, Kadiyoyo replaced Lelimba wa Kutshila as the lead of the most famous traditional music band of Congo. So far, I’m very pleased…

Misambu (Music), Mutwashi

“Dibaka” by MJ30


Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Traditional

“Kanguluba” by Kadiyoyo


Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Traditional

“Lac Munkamba” by Bayuda du Congo

Lac Munkamba est un lac sacré au Kasayi.


Gospel, Misambu (Music), Mutwashi

“Yahweh Wanyi” by Didier Mulumba



Misambu (Music), Mutwashi

“Kanguluba” by Bayuda Du Congo


Misambu (Music), Mutwashi

“Bena Dyanyi” by Tshala Mwana


Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Traditional

[Live Show] Concert Freebox – Bayuda du Congo

grand kasai2004

Misambu (Music), Mutwashi

“Cipepele” by Tshala Muana

Nice melody.

Titre: Cipepele (Storm)
Artist: Tshala Muana
Album: Enkor et Toujours
Year: 2008


Kaabukùlù|Culture, Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Pà Kàsaayì|About Kasayi, Traditional

[Live Show] Ngoma Kongo

Ngoma Kongo est une très bonne émission culturelle dans laquelle la présentatrice visite les régions du Congo sans quitter Kinshasa. À chaque émission, un groupe de musiciens vient présenter quelques chansons typiques traditionelles et répondent aux questions. Cette fois-ci, elle a fait une halte au Kasayi avec Papa Kabongo et les Kasayi Allstars.


Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Reggae/Ragga/Ska, Traditional

“Kamulangu” by Mushapata

Mushapata is the rasta man from Kasayi! Enjoy a reggae version of Kamulangu!

Title: Kamulangu
Artist: Mushapata
Year: ?
Album: Crise mondiale


Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Traditional

“The Chief Enthronement” by Kasayi Allstars

I love this tune. It’s very joyful. I highly recommend you buy this album because it’s as authentic as it gets. Enjoy!


Blues/Jazz, Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Traditional

“Kamulangu Jazz” by Maître Tshamala

Maître Tshamala revisits a standard of Congolese music, Kamulangu and gives it a Jazz flavor. Well done!

Hip-hop/Rap, Misambu (Music), Mutwashi

“Flow Kamulangu” by T-flow

This group created a piece integrating a standard from Kasayi, Kamulangu. Good work, guys! Keep it up!


Afropop, Blues/Jazz, Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Traditional

“Kamulangu” by Etoko, Edocha, JM Kasonga and more…

This is a traditional song of Kasayi, a standard of congolese music, very popular. Enjoy various versions of it below…

Kamulangu e Kamulangue e Kamulangu!
Kamulangu ditunga dinene Kamulangu!

By our legend, from Kasayi, Dr. Nico

Group Etoko

Chorale Rossignol

Ngoma Kongo

Jean Moulin Kasonga

And Kamulangu goes worldwide!!!

Blaise Malaba in Ukraine

Edocha in Japan

I really like this 1987 jazzy version from France by the group La Libela

Motema Africa in Poland

a more rocky approach with DouDou Nganda y Lokole in Spain

All the way to Korea!!!

Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Traditional

“Cintwa Ndemba” by Kadiyoyo


Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Traditional

“Yangye, The Evil Leopard” by The Kasayi Allstars ft. Basokin

Kasai Allstars, it’s Baluba music as authentic as it can get. They are less famous than Tshala Muana or Bayuda du Congo but nonetheless very good representants of baluba culture. This music is relaxing and the dance moves a delight. Enjoy!

Misambu (Music), Mutwashi

“Nzolo Katondi” by Les Bayuda Du Congo


Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Traditional

“Ditu dya Nkodi” by Senda Mutombo


Misambu (Music), Mutwashi

“Bitota” by Pepe Kalle

Title: Bitota
Artist: Pepe Kalle
Album: Gérant (CD Version)
Year: 1991

gerant pepe kalle