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Lufu Lwa Mobutu

Il y a 20 ans mourrait Mobutu après un règne officiel de 31 ans et demi.
Que vous inspire cet anniversaire? Que pensez-vous de l’état du Congo 20 ans après?

Joseph-Désiré Mobutu

It’s been 20 years that Mobutu passed away after a 31 and a half year reign.
What does this inspire you? what do you think of the state of Congo now?

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[Today in History] January 21st


1968 – Congo wins the African cup of Nations, beating Ghana 1-0 at Hailé Sélassié Stadium, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Goal by Kalala Mukendi)


Mwili Wa Marehemu Papa Wemba Warejeshwa Congo DRC Leo — bongo scoops

Jumapili ya April 24 2016 taarifa za kifo cha mwimbaji Mkongwe kutoka Congo DRC

via Mwili Wa Marehemu Papa Wemba Warejeshwa Congo DRC Leo — bongo scoops


[Ngumu] Lufu lwa Papa Wemba

Complete last show of Papa Wemba before Ivory Coast TV Channel cuts the signal when he collapses.


Hommage à Bruxelles

Les armes de Jésus, c’est la croix de Lorraine, Et le Sang dans l’artère et la sang dans la veine, Et la source de grâce et la claire fontaine ; Les armes de Satan, c’est la croix…

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Les attentats de Bruxelles marquent le début de la « Saison des sacrifices »

English abstract “Season of Sacrifice”: Manipulating the collective consciousness of humanity using mass black magic rituals In an article posted Sunday, March 20, two days before the s…

Source: Les attentats de Bruxelles marquent le début de la « Saison des sacrifices »


A world colonised by Africans

The world would probably be less frantic.


world colonised by africa Source: http://www.thegorgeousdaily.com

It has been more than 3 years now that I have been living in Africa and wondering what if America, Europe and Asia had been colonised by Africans.

Some would tell me there would be more black people than white ones and others would say that the first business language would have been Swahili or Lingala. Why not?

First of all international laws would have been based on tribal rules which are more collective in nature compared to those of Napoleon. Probablypolygamy would have spread worldwide or dowry would have been common marriage practices. Could we imagine judges dressed up in African boubou? Maybe more laws would regulate nature including forests and animals rather than money and belongings? Why not?

The international Fashion week would have been carried out in Nigeria, Abidjan and Cape Town. African garmentsfull of prints and colours would dominate the fashion world. Why not?

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Au rythme des saveurs Congolaises

Avec un palais des îles habitué à manger des plats de fusion de différentes cultures indienne, chinoise, créole… j’étais tout de même curieuse de découvrir la cuisine congolaise.…

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#CHAN2016: LÉOPARDS Champions d’Afrique, Les Kinois chantent “KABILA O YEBELA MANDA ESILI”

Video post by @CAYPBLOG.

Source: #CHAN2016: LÉOPARDS Champions d’Afrique, Les Kinois chantent “KABILA O YEBELA MANDA ESILI”


Dispatches: Remembering Masika, One of Congo’s Heroes

The Democratic Republic of Congo lost a hero this week. Rebecca Masika Katsuva, a women’s rights activist who dedicated her life to helping rape victims in eastern Congo, passed away unexpectedly on February 2.

Masika had a huge heart and incredible courage. She was raped herself – multiple times – and witnessed unimaginable violence against her husband and children. She turned her pain and suffering into action. Her home in Buganga, South Kivu province, was transformed into a support center for victims of sexual violence and children born of rape. Over the years, Mama Masika, as she became known, helped save thousands of lives.

Source: Dispatches: Remembering Masika, One of Congo’s Heroes