Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Traditional

“Kanguluba” by Kadiyoyo


Afrobeat, Misambu (Music)

“Shipende” by Madia

Documentary/Interview, Pà Kongo|About Congo

Bismack Biyombo shines in the conference finals

Post game 3 Interview


Highlights of game 3 – TOR – CLE

Pà Kongo|About Congo

Discours de la Fille de PAPA WEMBA aux Obsèques de son Père: « Papa n’était pas Malade »



[Ngumu] Lufu lwa Papa Wemba

Complete last show of Papa Wemba before Ivory Coast TV Channel cuts the signal when he collapses.


Thousands flee DR Congo fighting — SycamoreSpot

The United Nations says five camps for the displaced in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo have been emptied as people flee fighting in the area. More than 35,000 people have left the camps in Mpati in North Kivu province in the past three weeks. The UN says it is worried about what […]

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[Flashback] ChAN 2016: Cheminement de la RDC

Calendrier Chan 2016

L’heure indiquée pour les matchs est celle de Kinshasa (GMT+1)


Dim, 07/02 RDC 3-0 Mali

Petite finale

Dim, 07/02 Guinée 1-2 Côte d’Ivoire


Mer, 03/01 RDC 1-1 (5-4, t.a.b) Guinée
Jeu, 04/01 Mali 1-0 Côte d’Ivoire

Quart de finales

Sam, 30/01 Rwanda 1-2 RDC
Cameroun 0-3 Côte d’Ivoire
Dim, 31/01 Tunisie 1-2 Mali
Zambie 0-0 (4-5, t.a.b) Guinée

 Phase de poule

Sam, 16/01 Rwanda 1-0 Côte d’ivoire
Gabon 0-0 Maroc
Dim, 17/01 RDC 3-0 Ethiopie
Angola 0-1 Cameroun
Lun, 18/01 Tunisie 2-2 Guinée
Nigeria 4-1 Niger
Mar, 19/01 Zimbabwe 0-1 Zambia
Mali 2-2 Ouganda
Mer, 20/01 Rwanda 2-1 Gabon
Maroc 0-1 Côte d’Ivoire
Jeu, 21/01 RDC 4-2 Angola
Cameroun 0-0 Ethiopie
Ven, 22/01 Tunisie 1-1 Nigéria
Niger 2-2 Guinée
Sam, 23/01 Zimbabwe 0-1 Mali
Ouganda 0-1 Zambie
Dim, 24/01 Maroc 4-1 Rwanda
Côte d’Ivoire 4-1 Gabon
Lun, 25/01 Cameroun 3-1 RDC
Ethiopie 1-2 Angola
Mar, 26/01 Niger 0-5 Tunisie
Guinée 1-0 Nigéria
Mer, 27/01 Ouganda 0-0 Zimbabwe
Zambie 1-1 Mali
Misambu (Music), Soukous/Ndombolo

”Je ne te calcule pas” by JB Mpiana

Documentary/Interview, Pà Kongo|About Congo

Présentation de la coupe au stade des Martyrs – ChAN 2016 (RTNC)


Pà Kongo|About Congo, Today In History

[Today in History] February 7th



2016 – DRCongo wins Chan 2016 defeating Mali 3-0. It’s the second time they win this championship, the first occurence being 2009

Pà Kongo|About Congo, Today In History

[Today in History] January 30th



2016 – DRC beats Rwanda 2-1 in extra time, in a very political soccer game during the ChAN quarter finals.

Pà Kàsaayì|About Kasayi

Message de voeux de Tshisekedi wa Mulumba

Étienne Tshisekedi wa Mulumba

Kale/Today In History

[Today in History] April 24th



1990 – Forced by the circumstances, Mobutu allows multipartism.


2016 – Papa Wemba passes away at age 67

Kale/Today In History, Pà Kongo|About Congo

[Today in History] March 22nd



2014 – 251 shipwreck victims, 109 drowned, 101 missing and only 41 survived following the shipwreck of Congolese refugees returning to Congo, on Lac Albert. 3 days of mourning.


2016 – 31 dead and 340 wounded (bilan provisoire) in terrorist attacks that hit Belgium, one in Zaventem airport and one in Maelbeek metro station where at least two Congolese, Yves Ciyombo and Sabrina Fazal, died.