[Misambu] “Butumbi” by Jacques Tshimankinda



[Misambu] ”Bakalenga” by Bayuda Nouvelle Génération de Kadiyoyo

[Misambu] “Ngondu” by Bayuda du Congo (Kadiyoyo)

[Misambu] “Tshiluba” by Ferre Gola

[Misambu] “Mâyi” by Jacques Tshimankinda

A new blues inspired Gospel from our brother Jacques Tshimankinda.

“Tshilobo” by Mardochée Kayembe

[Bwakulu] Colloquial Expressions: Mwena

Today I’ll introduce you to a frequent word used in Ciluba, mwena. Mwena is used to express the notions of possession, occupation, characteristics and other particularities, belonging, ethnicity. The plural form is beena.

Let’s see a few examples:

mwena diitabuuja un croyant/a believer
mwena mucìma un voleur/a thief
mwena mudimu un ouvrier/a worker
mwena mpatà un sceptique/a sceptic person
mwena mafi un menteur/a liar
mwena sìdâ un sidéen/an AIDS patient
mwena mbòkotù une personne bavarde/a talkative person
mwena mukàndà un intellectuel/an intellectual
mwena mâyi frère/soeur de sang/blood brother/sister
mwena Kalonji un descendant Kalonji/a descendant of Kalonji
mwena taatù descendant du père, membre de la famille proche/descendant of the head of the family, membre de la famille proche
mwena dîku membre de la famille élargie/member of the extended family
mwena kwànyì ma femme/my wife (is it coming for the fact that the women is create from the men’s rib?)

“Dibaka” by MJ30


“L’ amour est une personne” by Michel Bakenda ft. Steve Mwanza

“Shipende” by Madia

“Lac Munkamba” by Bayuda du Congo

Lac Munkamba est un lac sacré au Kasayi.


“Kanguluba” by Bayuda Du Congo


“Les anges et Les saints SM Sanga balende” by Itshal

SM Sanga Balende is the #1 football club in Kasayi, based in Mbuji-Mayi. There, there is also AS Bantous and in Kananga, there is US Tshinkunku.
The song is praising SM Sanga Balende Wa Banjelu ni Bansantu who has been pretty successful these past few years. We wish them to soar even higher and stronger! Congolese football is good!


“Mudwilu mudi muntu” by Daniel Kashala


“Utumbishibwe” by Mardochée Kayembe


“Mulami Mwimpa” by Mardochée Kayembe

Beautiful song.


[Live Show] Ngoma Kongo

Ngoma Kongo est une très bonne émission culturelle dans laquelle la présentatrice visite les régions du Congo sans quitter Kinshasa. À chaque émission, un groupe de musiciens vient présenter quelques chansons typiques traditionelles et répondent aux questions. Cette fois-ci, elle a fait une halte au Kasayi avec Papa Kabongo et les Kasayi Allstars.


“Kamulangu” by Mushapata

Mushapata is the rasta man from Kasayi! Enjoy a reggae version of Kamulangu!

Title: Kamulangu
Artist: Mushapata
Year: ?
Album: Crise mondiale


“Cilumbu” by Alain Kabangu

alain kabangu

“Elaka” by Sinda & Nada