[Manaya] Ryan Mutombo


Ryan Mutombo (#35), son of hall famer basketball player Dikembe Mutombo, has won the championship taking place in Atlanta, GA. The young center, already 6’9” (210cm!) and 195lbs (89kg) helped his squad, Team Forrest to win the 16U finals 74-61, making his father proud with 22 points, 15 rebounds and 5 blocks.


Congolese players in the NBA

Voici une liste des congolais passés par la NBA au fil des ans:

Bismack Biyombo
RDcongolais de Lubumbashi
En NBA depuis 2011
Surnom: B-Smack

Christian Eyenga
En NBA de 2010 à2012 dont des passages en Ligue de dévelopment

Clint Capela
Père Angolais, mère RDCongolaise, nationalité suisse
En NBA depuis 2014
Surnom: The Swiss Freak

Didier Ilunga-Mbenga
RDCongolais de Nationalité belge
En NBA de 2004 à 2011.
Surnoms: DJ, Congo Cash


Dikembe Mutombo
RDCongolais naturalisé américain.
En NBA de 1991 à 2009.
Temple de la Renommée 2015.
Surnoms: Deke, Mount Mutombo


Emmanuel Mudiayi
Parents de la RDC, nationalité américaine.
En NBA depuis 2015.


Guerschon Yabusele
Parents de la RDC, nationalité française.
En NBA depuis 2016.

Guerschon Yabusele

Serge Ibaka
Père de la République du Congo, mère de la RDC, nationalité espagnole.
En NBA depuis 2009.
Surnoms: Iblocka, Air Congo

[Personality] Dikembe Mutombo

This guy is one of the most important civilian representing congolese community worldwide and we are proud of him. He’s known for his extremely hoarse and cavernous voice and for his defensive abilities on basketball courts. He’s respected among his peers and was even the representant and spokesman of NBA players during the 1998-99 NBA lockout, with Patrick Ewing. He has been recently named Hall of Famer, Class of 2015. So here are a few facts about his career. Quite impressive!

Full Name: Jean-Jacques Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Wa Mutombo
Nicknames: Diki, Mt Mutombo
Date of birth: June 25, 1966
Place of Birth: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Height: 7 ft 2 in (218 cm)
Marital Status: married with 6 children (4 adopted)
Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Ciluba, Swahili, Lingala, Kikongo

Dikembe Mutombo 1

College Career

Georgetown University (1988–1991)

College Awards & Honors

  • AP All-American Third Team (1991)
  • UPI All-American Third Team (1991)
  • Big East All-Tournament Team (1991)
  • All-Big East First Team (1991)
  • 2x Big East Defensive Player of the Year (1990-1991)
  • 3rd all time in career blocked shots in Georgetown history (354 blocks)

Pro Career

Pro playing career (1991–2009)

  • NBA Draft: 1st round’s 4th pick in 1991 by the Denver Nuggets
  • 1991–1996 Denver Nuggets
  • 1996–2001 Atlanta Hawks
  • 2001–2002 Philadelphia 76ers
  • 2002–2003 New Jersey Nets
  • 2003–2004 New York Knicks
  • 2004–2009 Houston Rockets

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Career summary and highlights

  • Career averages: 9.8 PPG, 10.3 RPG, 2.7 BPG, 1.0 AST
  • 4-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year: 1995, 1997, 1998, 2001
  • 8-time NBA All-Star: 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002
  • 3-time All-NBA:  2nd Team in 2001; 3rd Team in 1998 and 2002
  • 6-time All-Defensive: 1st Team in 1997, 1998 and 2001; 2nd Team: 1995, 1999 and 2002
  • NBA All-Rookie First Team: 1992
  • 2nd on All-Time NBA recorded Blocks, 3,256 behind Hakeem Olajuwon (3,830 blocks).
  • 2-time NBA regular-season leader, rebounding average: 2000 (14.1), 2001 (13.5)
  • 4-time NBA regular-season leader, total rebounds: 1995 (1029), 1997 (929), 1999 (610), 2000 (1157)
  • NBA regular-season leader, offensive rebounds: 2001 (307)
  • 2-time NBA regular-season leader, defensive rebounds: 1999 (418), 2000 (853)
  • 3-time NBA regular-season leader, blocked shots average: 1994 (4.1), 1995 (3.9), 1996 (4.5)
  • 5-time NBA regular-season leader, total blocks: 1994 (336), 1995 (321), 1996 (332), 1997 (264), 1998 (277)
  • Oldest player in NBA history to collect over 20 rebounds in a game (March 2, 2007 vs. Denver Nuggets)


Awards and honors

  • One of 20 winners of the President’s Service Awards 1999 (highest honor for volunteer service)
  • NBA’s J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award in 2001 and 2009
  • Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters by the State University of New York College at Cortland in 2004 for his for his philanthropic efforts in his native country, the Democratic Republic of Congo and other African nations
  • Invited to be a special guest at President George W. Bush’s 2007 State of the Union address, commended for his humanitarian aid to his homeland.
  • Honorary doctorate by Georgetown University in 2010
  • Honorary doctorate degree from Haverford College in 2011
  • Goodermote Humanitarian Award 2011 by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • 2015 Naismith Hall Of Fame inductee
  • His name is featured in several songs like “Malu” by Tshala Muana or “Basktetball” by Bow Wow

Humanitarian Work

  • Opened a $29 million, 300-bed hospital in Kinshasa (Masina), finished in 2006 with 15 millions from his own pocket, named after his mother Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital. It took 10 years between the creating the blue print on paper and its opening to the public.
  • Spokesman for the international relief agency, CARE
  • First Youth Emissary for the United Nations Development Program
  • Member of the Special Olympics International Board of Directors, as well as a Global Ambassador (special Olympics)

Sports Nation

Motivational Speaker @ University of Georgia – 2011




1993 – Adidas

2013 – Geico Insurance

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[Today in History] June 25th



1991 – On his supposedly 25th birthday, Dikembe Mutombo is drafted on the 4th round by the NBA Denver Nuggets
2015 – Emmanuel Mudiayi is drafted on the 7th round by the NBA Denver Nuggets.


1966 – Jean-Jacques Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba wa Mutombo, former NBA player, is born in Kinshasa. There is a doubt about his birth year though.

Dikembe Mutombo talks (and imitates Cookie Monster) with Pete Holmes


[nbcsports_video src=//www.youtube.com/embed/cgeHfE1HtT0 width=620 height=349]

The Pete Holmes Show has become must watch, the home to some of the funniest interviews around the NBA.

The latest guy on the couch is NBA legend Dikembe Mutombo. Who because he speaks in the third person in a gravely voice is already pretty great anytime he opens his mouth.

But get him to talk like Cookie Monster and you have comedy gold. Gold, Jerry, gold.

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Adidas All Star Kicks 2014: Dikembe Mutombo shows off adidas Originals Shoes

Dikembe Mutombo… Not in my house! haha

adidas Hype

NBA Legend Dikembe Mutombo, known for his defense and finger-wagging antics, showed off his adidas Originals kicks at the All Star Weekend. He also sported a cool All Star jacket by adidas, which showed off his NBA accolades.

mutombo Photo taken from Twitter

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Kicking into gear!

Purple Rapture

Hey people, today’s topic of mine is centered around a very exciting development for me personally. Following on from the tail end of last years excitement for me which saw the retro release of the signature NBA star Patrick Ewing trainer, the Adidas Mutombo is set for a retro release later on this year! (Looks like they finally got a move on with it!)
The signature shoe of Dikembe Mutombo, was a hi-top with lace tabs and Cross colour motif that made this trainer really funky! I had been in search for a long time to find an original pair, but bearing in mind manufacture was over 20 years ago my chances were slim to none! (more so non existent in my case)
This shoe first hit the scene in 1993 when Mutombo was playing for the Denver Nuggets. The value of the originals have sky rocketed over the years so kudos…

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“No, No, No, Not Today!” (Who Is That 7-2 Man, Anyway?)

The Ladies Room

When you work from your living room, you tend to see the same TV commercials. Or, in Geico’s case, 40 simultaneous commercials starring pigs, cavemen, film-noir detectives, Eddie Money, witches, and a lizard so annoying I want to drop-kick him to the Space Station.

But the one Geico spot that always makes me laughfeatures 7-2 former NBA center Dikembe Mutombo, considered one of the greatest shot blockers of all time and today a champion for charity causes. You’ll see him in the ads slapping down paper wads, cereal boxes, and laundry with his characteristic finger wag and catchphrases, “No, no, no, not today! Not in my house!”

But Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo has many real-life reasons to be happy. The Congolese native attended Georgetown University on a USAID scholarship, barely speaking English (he now speaks English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and five more.) He intended to become a…

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[Lyrics Translation] ”Malu” by Tshala Muana

This is a classic by Tshala Muana. Many musicians play this song for fun (Check on you tube). Don’t hesitate to submit corrections. Hope you’ll enjoy this!

Titre: Maalu (Les Problèmes / Problems)
Album: Dinanga (Amour)
Year: 2002

Spoken: Maalu katonda bakole
Kutonda nkumba, kutonda ne balela
Kutonda ntontodi wa nyingala pankatshi
Udi kayi ne maalu eelà munu mulu e

Verse 1:
Taatù wa kafwa, maamù wakaya kwabu (taatù e le le yi)
Bâna bakashala batangula ntàngu (taatwanyì e le le yi)
Taatù wanyì musumbi dyà bilamba (taatù e le le yi)
Muntu yônso udi ne maalu e

Maamù wakafua, Taatù kutubenga (maamù e le le yi)
Bâna bakashala batangula ntangu (maamù wanyì e le le yi)
Maamù wanyì, munami dyà cisenga (maamù e le le yi)
Muntu yônsu udi ne maalu e

CHORUS: Kusekiseki mwineba Maria
Kumanyimanyi ciya
Maalu se tubwa twa ku njìngu
Muntu yônso udi ne bwenda mu mucìma maamù eyo
Yoyoyo kèmayi yoyoyo balumyànà
Mucìma se lubanza lwà maalu

Kabulu kwamba kusekiseki mwineba
Kumanyimanyi ciya
Maalu se tubwa twa ku njìngu
Muntu yônso udi ne bwenda mu mucìma maamù eyo
Yoyoyo kemayi yoyoyo balumyànà
Mucìma se lubanza lwà maalu

Verse 2:
Muntu wa moyi utu ne bwenda bumusoma
Batela nawu bwalu bajanyi ne bitalu e
Maalu kawu maswa kusomba ne bantu
Maalu akudia ne akulwata
Maalu a basanka ne makenge
Maalu akulala ne kubika kwee
Akwata baledi ne bâna bwabu
Akwata baluma ne bakàjì e
Akwata babanji ne bapele
Maalu akwata bamfumu ba matunga
Yoyoyo Kemayi
Ngabilayi kwakalwa malu e

Mulùme nganyi wa ditanta
Mukàjì kayi mutamba bakwabu
Utena yeya ne malu munda
Kalwa ubwela mu cyalukamu
Bantu bamwela diboku muulu
Bwa bwimpa bwenda
Yoyoyo kemayi
Muntu wa bwela mu cyalukamu

Kusekiseki mwineba nkashama
Kumanyimanyi ciya
Maalu se tubwa twa ku njìngu
Muntu yônso udi ne bwenda mu mucìma maamù eyo
Yoyoyo kemayi yoyoyo balumyànà
Mucìma se lubanza lwà maalu

Kabulu kwamba kusekiseki mwineba kakumina
Kumanyimanyi ciya
Maalu se tubwa twa ku njìngu
Muntu yônso udi ne bwenda mu mucìma maamù eyo
Yoyoyo kemayi yoyoyo balumyànà
Mucìma se lubanza lwà maalu

Verse 3:
Wewa muswe kucina maalu:
Sanka olonda meyi ne mikandu ya Mulopò
Kwema dinanga munda mwebe
Unanga Nzambi webe kumpala kwa byônso
Unemeke baledi bembe
Kuvualakanyi kantu ka mukwebe shabana eyo
Mukàjì wa benda kelengi !

Ngabilayi kwakalwa maalu
Adi ku batoka ne bafika e
Adi munda mwa bukwadisamba e
Atonda bantu munda mwa micima yabo
Bààbà wanyì Bààbà, Bààbà we
Bààbà wanyì
Ngabila kwa kalwa maalu


Bààbà wanyì Bààbà
Bààbà wanyì twambilayi kwa kalwa maalu x2

Mu Budimi bwa Edena
Adama ne Eva bateka
Bwa kutangila difunkibwa
Nzambyanyì e

Umwayi mwa kalwa maalu :
Satana kadinga bana bulaba e
Bantu kunyianga mikenji ya Nzambi wa musumba
Nzambyanyì e

Nzambi kubela mulawu e
Bwa kudia kwenba Adama ne ututena
Kulela kwaba Eva ne umona maalu
Cilwalwa bununu e

Twa twayi x4 Twa !

Mwaja ku teleja, mwaja cimbwacik’
Mwaja mu cimono, mwaja cimbwacik’
Mwaja mu lubesa, mwaja cimbwacik’
Mwaja mu cimono, mwaja cimbwacik’

Sila e? (eeeee!)
Sila wa? (Sila wanyì!)
Sila wanyì lelela bya kutonda (bya kutonda!)
Sila e? (eeeee!)
Sila wa? (Sila wanyì!)
Sila wanyì lelela bwa kutonda (bwa kutonda!)
Sila e? (eeeee!)
Sila wa? (Sila wanyì!)
Sila wanyì maalu akuto… ? (akutonda)

(Dédicaces: Mutombo Dikembe…)

Bààbà wanyì, Bààbà Bààbà wanyì twambilayi dyashi kwa maalu… ad libidum


Even if the sentences occur several times in the song, I put the translation only once so don’t be surprised… 🙂

Maalu katonda bakole
Les problèmes accablaient les Anciens
Problems overcome the elders

Kutonda nkumba, kutonda ne balela
Ils accablaient aussi les femmes stériles comme les femmes fécondes
They overcome infertile women just as fertile women

Kutonda ntontodi wa nyingala pankatshi
Ils accablaient la mante religieuse qui s’attriste sur son branchage
They overcome the praying mantis on its branch

Udi kayi ne maalu ela munu mulu e
Que celui qui n’a pas de problème lève le doigt
The one who doesn’t have problems may raise his hand

Taatù wa kafwa, maamù wakaya kwabu
Quand mon père mourut, ma mère retourna chez elle
When my father died, my mother went back home

Bana bakashala batangula ntàngu
Les enfants furent désemparés
Children were distraught

Taatù wanyì musumbi dya bilamba
Mon père qui achetait nos vêtements
My father that would buy our clothes

Muntu yônso udi ne maalu e
Tout le monde a des problèmes
Everybody has issues to deal with

Maamù wakafua, Taatù kutubenga
Quand maman mourut, papa nous abandonna
When mother died, father left us all alone

Maamù wanyì, mulami dya cisenga
Ma mère, gardienne du pardon
My mother, keeper of forgiveness

Kusekiseki mwineba Maria
Ne te moque pas de ton amie Maria
don’t laugh at your friend Maria

Kumanyimanyi ciya
On ne sait jamais comment cela peut tourner
You never know how things can turn out

Maalu se tubwa twa ku njìngu
Les problèmes c’est comme les chiens qui amènent des problèmes* (traduction littérale)
Problems are like dogs that bring problems*

Muntu yonso udi ne bwenda mu mucìma maamù eyo
Chacun a son propre problème qui le taraude au fond de son cœur
Each and every one have their own problems that get them worried inside

Yoyoyo kemayi yoyoyo balumiana
Oh! Étonnez-vous, oh ! Jeunes gens

Mucima se lubanza lua maalu
Le cœur est le temple des secrets
Heart is the temple of all secrets

Kabulu kwamba kusekiseki mwineba
N’oublie pas, ne te moque pas de ton prochain
Don’t forget, don’t laugh at your fellow man

Maalu akudia ne akulwata
On a des problèmes pour manger et pour s’habiller
We have troubles to eat and dress

Maalu a basanka ne makenge
Il y a des problèmes chez ceux qui rient, ceux qui pleurent
Problems occurs with the one who laugh and the one who cry

Maalu akulala ne kubika kwee
On s’endort et on se réveille avec
You go to bed with problems and you wake up with problems

Akwata baluma ne bakaji e
Ils touchent les hommes et les femmes
It touches men and women

Akwata babanji ne bapele
Ils touchent les riches et les pauvres
It touches the rich and the poor

Maalu akwata banfumu ba matunga
Ils touchent les chefs d’Etat
It touches countries’ Presidents

Yoyoyo Kemayi
Yoyoyo Etonnez-vous-en!
Yoyoyo be surprised!

Ngabilayi kwakalwa maalu e
Dites-moi d’où proviennent les problèmes
Tell me where problems come from

Mulùme nganyi wa ditanta?
Quel grand homme osera-t-il le dire ?
What great man can tell me?

Mukàjì kayi mutamba bakwabu
Quelle femme mieux que les autres
What woman better than other

Utena yeya ne maalu munda
Osera-t-elle dire
Would dare tell

Kalwa ubwela mu cyalukamu?
Qu’elle n’a pas de problèmes au plus profond de son être?
That she doesn’t have any problem inside?

Bantu bamwela diboku mulu
Qu’elle vienne sur la place
May she come to the square

Bwa bwimpa bwenda
Que les gens l’acclament en levant les bras en l’air pour sa beauté
May the people praise her for her beauty

Muntu wa bwela mu cyalukamu
Qu’un homme vienne aussi sur la place
May a man also come to the square

Wewa muswe kucina maalu:
Si tu ne veux pas avoir de problèmes
If you don’t want any problems

Sanka olonda meyi ne mikandu ya Mulopo
Sois heureux, suis les conseils et préceptes de Dieu
Be happy, follow the precepts of God

Kwema dinanga munda mwebe
Mets l’amour dans ton cœur et dans tout votre être
Put love in your heart and all your being

Unanga Nzambi webe kumpala kwa bionso
Adore ton Dieu avant toute chose
Love your God before anything else

Unemeke baledi bembe
Respecte tes parents
Respect your parents

Kuvualakanyi kantu ka mukwebe shabana eyo
N’envie pas les affaires de ton amie Shabanna
Don’t be envious of your friend Shabanna belongings

Mukàjì wa benda kelengi !
Ne touche pas à la femme d’autrui
Do not touch the women of others

Ngabilayi kwakalwa maalu
Dites-moi d’où proviennent les problèmes
Tell me where problems come from

Adi ku batoka ne bafika e
Il y en a chez les Blancs comme chez les Noirs
there are problems with white people and black people

Adi munda mwa bukwadisamba e
Il y en a au sein d’un clan
there are problems inside the same group

Atonda bantu munda mwa micima wabo
Ils touchent les gens au fond de leur cœur
They touch people right inside their heart

Bààbà wanyì, Bààbà
Oh ma mère
Oh mother

Bààbà wanyì twambilayi kwa kalwa maalu
Ma mère, dites-moi d’où viennent les problèmes
Mother, tell me where problems come from

Mu Budimi bwa Edena
Du jardin d’Eden
From Eden Garden

Adama ne Eva bateka
Adam et Eve nous y plongèrent
Adam and Eve threw us into it

Bwà kutangila difunkibwa
Pour avoir voulu connaitre la Création
Because they wanted to know Creation

Nzambi wanyì e
Oh! Mon Dieu
O My God

Umwayi mwa kalwa maalu :
C’est comme ça que surviennent les problèmes chez les hommes
This is how problems occurs

Bwà kudia kwenba Adama ne ututena
Pour se nourrir Adam devra travailler dur
To eat, Adam will have to work hard

Kulela kwaba Eva ne umona maalu
Pour donner la vie, Eve enfantera dans la douleur
To give birth, Eve will go through a great deal of suffering

Cilwàlwa bununu e
Cela jusqu’à la vieillesse
Until their old age

EXTRA : Malu (version 2)

Album: Sikila
Year: 2009

For the first 5 minutes or so the lyrics are basically the same except for some variations here and there but the ‘free style’ at the end is completely different.