Live Show, Misambu (Music), Pà Kàsaayì|About Kasayi, Shows

[Live Show] Concert 30 ans de carrière de Tshala Muana (2008)


Live Show, Misambu (Music), Pà Kàsaayì|About Kasayi, Shows

[Live Show] Les Bayuda, Concert de la Saint Valentin 2015

Les Bayuda du Congo – Concert Dinanga – Joyeuse Saint Valentin
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Afropop, Blues/Jazz, Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Traditional

“Kamulangu” by Etoko, Edocha, JM Kasonga and more…

This is a traditional song of Kasayi, a standard of congolese music, very popular. Enjoy various versions of it below…

Kamulangu e Kamulangue e Kamulangu!
Kamulangu ditunga dinene Kamulangu!

By our legend, from Kasayi, Dr. Nico

Group Etoko

Chorale Rossignol

Ngoma Kongo

Jean Moulin Kasonga

And Kamulangu goes worldwide!!!

Blaise Malaba in Ukraine

Edocha in Japan

I really like this 1987 jazzy version from France by the group La Libela

Motema Africa in Poland

a more rocky approach with DouDou Nganda y Lokole in Spain

All the way to Korea!!!

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“Kasayi wa Balengela” by Monik Tendayi

Kasayi wa balengela is THE unofficial anthem of Kasayi. Here, Monik Tendayi performs the song at Brussels event, Nocturnes Kasayennes 2012. All Baluba people know that song but I couldn’t really find its origin, if someone know, please leave a comment below. Enjoy!


Acoustic, Live Show, Misambu (Music)

[Live Show] Papa Wemba in Acoustic

The show was broadcasted for the first time on December 27th, 2014 on TV5.

Papa Wemba

Misambu (Music), Mutwashi, Traditional

“Bakulumpa Bambila” by Kasayi Allstars

Kasai Allstars is a group absolutely loved by the african music critics and african music lovers and fans. Here’s one of their most recent piece. I bought the album and it’s really good. On the cover the album you can see an electrical likembe. Likembe is one of the traditional instruments of the Luba people and it can actually be found in diverse forms in  most countries of subsaharian Africa.

The lead singer is Papa Kabongo, one of the main actors of baluba folk music.

Title: Bakulumpa Bambila (Thus the Ancestors Spoke)
Artist: Kasayi Allstars
Album: Beware the fetish
Year: 2014


Live Show, Misambu (Music), Mutwashi

“Nganyi wansamba ?” by Maryse Ngalula & Jacques Tshimankinda

Little live duet by 2 of our good artists representing Kasayi and Luba culture.

Title: Nganyi wansamba? (Qui va me consoler)
Artists: Maryse

Luba Stool
Luba Stool
Afrofunk, Live Show, Misambu (Music)

“Coltanrush” by Bantunani

Very strong lyrics in English. If you don’t know this band, lead by Congolese artist, Michel Nzau Vuanda, check them out. They have very good songs… Groovy and meaningful music…

Title: Coltanrush
Artist: Bantunani
Year: 2009
Label: Vizualizmusic


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[Show] Fally Ipupa à l’Olympia


Gospel, Misambu (Music)

“Twimbe” by Benjamin Mulamba

Title: Twimbe
Artist: Benjamin Mulumba
Album: Midi
Year: 2012


Acoustic, Misambu (Music), Traditional

“Mwana yoka toli” by Jupiter Bokondji & Okwess International


Hip-hop/Rap, Live Show, Misambu (Music), Soukous/Ndombolo, Soul/Rnb

[Show] Fally Ipupa au Zénith de Paris


Pà Kàsaayì|About Kasayi, Shows

Les Nocturnes Kasayennes 2012