[Today in History] April 3rd



2007 – Over 20 illegal miners die in the collapsing of Miba Mine in Mbuji-Mayi.


1978 – Serge Movili Mazami aka Celeo Scram, singer songwriter, is born in Kinshasa


Mbuji-Mayi (Dem. Rep. of Congo) flash guide

Our last trip North?

The Clawson Chronicles

We just got back from what may be our last trip north. We left on Sunday morning for the airport in Lubumbashi, and with the normal assistance received by paying someone to get us through, we got on the plane with all of our luggage intact (it is always a nerve-racking experience going into the airports here—simply a mass of confusion). When we landed in Mbuji Mayi, Serge (one of the FM people who recently took over for Emanuel, who was promoted and moved to Kinshasa) was there to greet us and aide us in getting through the other end of the airport process. The airport director wanted to meet the new Mission President and get the ‘fee’ for coming to Mbuji Mayi for the first time (about $150).

Mbuji Mayi

They had brought two trucks so that the President could be taken immediately to begin interviewing elders while we…

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Il s’agit d’un diaporama rapide sur Mbujimayi. C’est une ville construite par ses propres fils et filles. La ville est connue pour sa grande production de diamants industriels. La langue locale est LUBA ou dit ciluba. La manière de saluer est «Betu’abu» ou «Moyi».

L’aéroport est appelé Bipemba et n’est pas situé non loin de la ville. “Cibuyi” est le centre de la ville et c’est là que la plupart des boîtes de nuit sont situées. Ils essaient d’étendre les activités en ouvrant d’autres Clubs de nuit à “Tshatshatsha”.

Si vous y arrivez, n’oubliez pas de goûter les “Tshomba tshia kabiola” et vous ne le regretterez pas.

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Kananga / Mbuji Mayi Street scenes

The Clawson Chronicles

IMG_6461 IMG_6514

Sister Missionaries getting a taxi ride to their apartment

IMG_6518IMG_6519IMG_6520IMG_6521IMG_6522IMG_6523IMG_6524IMG_6525IMG_6526IMG_6527IMG_6528IMG_6529IMG_6530IMG_6531IMG_6532IMG_6536IMG_6537IMG_6538IMG_6539IMG_6540IMG_6541IMG_6542IMG_6543IMG_6544IMG_6545IMG_6546IMG_6547IMG_6548IMG_6549IMG_6550IMG_6551IMG_6552IMG_6553IMG_6554IMG_6555IMG_6556IMG_6558IMG_6559IMG_6560IMG_6561IMG_6562IMG_6563 (2)IMG_6563IMG_6564 (2)IMG_6564IMG_6566 (2)   IMG_6568 (2)IMG_6568IMG_6569IMG_6570IMG_6571IMG_6572IMG_6573IMG_6574IMG_6575IMG_6576IMG_6578IMG_6579IMG_6580IMG_6581IMG_6582IMG_6583IMG_6584 (2)  IMG_6590 (2)  IMG_6591IMG_6592IMG_6593IMG_6594IMG_6595IMG_6596IMG_6597IMG_6599IMG_6600IMG_6603IMG_6604IMG_6605IMG_6606IMG_6608IMG_6609IMG_6610IMG_6611IMG_6612IMG_6613IMG_6614IMG_6615IMG_6616IMG_6617IMG_6618IMG_6619IMG_6620   IMG_6623IMG_6624 (2)  IMG_6625   IMG_6627IMG_6628IMG_6629

Rainbow at the mission home


Zone Conference in Mbuji Mayi at the Diulu ward


Finally found bananas for the elders! bought them all–in fact, eventually bought about 200 (and they were all eaten!)



This is a great example of using a water tank to collect water from the roof, and using the height of the tank to gravity-feed the water into the building for use.

IMG_6953IMG_7004 (2)

Little girl helping her dad at work: pushing the handcart full of goods


The two Assistants to the President riding in the back to the Airport…

IMG_7031IMG_7032IMG_7034IMG_7035IMG_7036IMG_7037IMG_7038IMG_7039IMG_7041IMG_7042IMG_7043IMG_7044IMG_7045IMG_7046IMG_7048IMG_7049IMG_7050IMG_7051IMG_7056IMG_7057IMG_7058IMG_7059IMG_7060IMG_7061IMG_7062IMG_7065IMG_7067IMG_7068IMG_7069IMG_7070IMG_7072IMG_7073IMG_7078IMG_7083IMG_7084IMG_7091IMG_7092IMG_7093IMG_7094IMG_7095IMG_7096IMG_7098IMG_7099IMG_7100IMG_7101IMG_7105IMG_7109IMG_7112IMG_7115IMG_7117IMG_7118IMG_7122IMG_7125IMG_7127IMG_7129IMG_7130IMG_7132IMG_7137Kananga airport (1)Kananga airport (2)

Just a few items we are taking to missionaries…

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Mbuji-Mayi: le bilan de l’explosion du dépôt d’armes s’alourdit, 21 morts


Vue de Mbujimayi1

Le bilan de l’explosion du dépôt d’armes du camp militaire Nyonolo, à Mbuji-Mayi s’est alourdi. Il s’établit actuellement à 21 personnes tuées et une cinquantaine d’autres blessées. Ce nouveau bilan a été annoncé par le ministre de la Défense, Alexandre Luba, qui est arrivé ce samedi dans la capitale provinciale du Kasaï-Oriental en compagnie de son homologue de la Santé.

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Explosions à Mbuji Mayi – Réaction du gouverneur Ngoyi Kasanji: on compte de morts et de blessés

Mbuji Mayi District Conference

The Clawson Chronicles

Here are some pics of the Mbuji Mayi District Conference. We flew to Mbuji Mayi on Friday; Saturday, while Pres. McMullin was in meetings at the District Offices, Terri and I were in other rooms with missionaries. Terri was dealing with their health issues while I talked to them about their apartments (we are also looking for new apartments in the area for expansion). Saturday afternoon were some meetings: Leadership meeting for both Priesthood and Relief Society, then immediately afterwards, the Adult Session. On Sunday was the general session, and in the afternoon we flew home.

By the way, I was asked to bear my testimony to almost a thousand people… in French…

MM Dist Conf day 1 (3)

Like in Kananga, they held the District Meetings in a large theater. It worked very well for their needs!

MM Dist Conf day 1 (4)

This is where the relief society met–a room just behind the large theater.

MM Dist Conf day 1 (11)

While the brethren met in…

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Mbuji Mayi Pics

The Clawson Chronicles

As we drove around Mbuji Mayi I just clicked a bunch of pictures. Some are great, some are not, but it will give you a feel of what the city looks like driving around the town. Like most cities in the Congo the biggest problem is lack of water. People stand in long lines to get water each day at the few access points.
MM 2 (3)MM 2 (2)MM 2 (1)MM (222)

MM (220)MM (219)MM (218)MM (216)

MM (215)MM (214)MM (212)MM (211)

MM (210)MM (209)MM (208)MM (207)

MM (206)MM (205)MM (204)MM (203)

You will notice they have Votacom signs everywhere! It is their major phone company. It is also how you can send money: from one phone to another.

MM (202)MM (201)MM (200)

Lots of construction going on in the Congo

MM (199)

MM (198)MM (197)MM (195)MM (194)MM (193)MM (192)MM (191)

MM (190)MM (189)MM (188)MM (187)MM (183)   MM (171)

MM (169)MM (168)MM (167)MM (165)  MM (162)MM (161)MM (160)

MM (159)MM (158)MM (157)MM (156)MM (155)MM (154)MM (153)MM (152)

MM (151)MM (150)MM (149)MM (148)MM (147)MM (145)

The local gas station

MM (144)

MM (143)MM (142)MM (141)MM (140)MM (139)MM (138)MM (137)MM (136)

MM (135)MM (134)MM (133)MM (132)MM (131)MM (130)MM (129)MM (126)

MM (125)  MM (122)MM (121)MM (119)MM (118)MM (117)MM (116)

MM (115)MM (113)MM (112)MM (110)MM (109)MM (108)MM (107)MM (106)

MM (105)MM (104)MM (103)MM (102)MM (101)MM (95)MM (92)MM (91)

MM (90)MM (89)  MM (85)  MM (83)MM (82)MM (81)

MM (76)MM (75)

The local tire store. Yes, they will but it on your car, for a fee–all by hand.

MM (74)MM (73)MM (71)MM (69)

MM (68)MM (67)MM (66)

The rubber straps are used by those selling or transporting charcoal to strap the charcoal in the bags they use to carry it.

MM (65)MM (64)   MM (61)

MM (60)MM (59)


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Kasaï-Oriental: un diamant de 5 176 carats saisi à Mbuji-Mayi


Diamant de la Miba

Les agents de la Direction provinciale des recettes du Kasaï-Oriental ont saisi, jeudi 14 mars à Mbuji-Mayi, un diamant de 5 176.2 carats d’une valeur de 150 000 dollars américains. Le ministre provincial des Mines du Kasaï-Oriental a indiqué que cette pierre précieuse en partance pour Kinshasa était cachée dans un emballage dissimulé dans la viande.
Selon le ministre, le détenteur du diamant ne détenait aucun document de déclaration de cette précieuse émanant de la Division des Mines ni une carte de négociant délivrée par les autorités provinciales.

Le ministre provincial des Mines a qualifié cette tentative de fraude organisée qui peut être assimilée à une détention illicite du diamant conformément au code minier.

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Mbuji-Mayi, pisciculture de Miya