“Ne ukeme” by Bayuda du Congo (Lelimba wa Kucila)


“Dibaka” by MJ30


Towards the Forbidden City: Super Guitar Soukous

Washerman's Dog


Strike while the iron is hot. Make hay while the sun shines. Post while you can for in Beijing all this stuff is banned.

Yes for the next week or so I will in the Forbidden City which is not named that for no good reason. Last time I was there nearly every website I’d made friends with over the years was unavailable. Certainly no Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, Blogspot

I will be otherwise preoccupied of course with official business, side meetings, drafting committees and the like, so it is probably a good thing that I will not be detracted.

So before I take that long flight I thought you all might like to groove to some wonderful bubbly soukous. An old favorite, this is a collection I picked in the deserted steet stalls in Bali about 3 days after the terrible 2002 bombings that left so many dead as they…

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Congolese artists to support the cause of raped women in eastern DRC…

very few projects are seen to sensibilize population to problems arising in Congo. i have to salute them. who can live a valorizing and happy life when their sisters, their mothers, their daughters are raped everyday? attacking the congolese woman is attacking the foundation of the Congolese Nation…