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Artist of the Month: October with Richard Mosse

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R. Mosse, Vintage Violence, 2011 R. Mosse, Vintage Violence, 2011

CtC’s Artist of the Month for October is this year’s winner of the prestigious Deutsche Boerse Prize. Richard Mosse (b. 1980) is an Irish conceptual documentary photographer currently based in the US. His project, The Enclave, is the final result of his work in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

For its continuous wars, Congo is perceived in the western world as a place of darkness. By using an obsolete infrared film, once employed to reveal camouflaged stations, Mosse represents it instead as a surreal world of colours and light. At the same time though, his hallucinated view intends to underline the insufficiency of the photographic means in representing Congo’s disillusioned and overly troubled situation.

For the 55th Venice Biennale, in which Richard Mosse represented Ireland, The Enclave was turned into an immersive video installation shot on discontinued military surveillance film and accompanied by…

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Trip to Luputa and…way out there I

Travelling pictures in Kasayi…

The Clawson Chronicles

The Trip to Luputa/Lusuku
Our most recent trip to the far reaches of the mission was an interesting one. We took with us two men from Church headquarters in charge of building new chapels here in Africa. We have been attempting to change some of the ways and means that the church builds buildings here for some time, and having men come to see for themselves was both helpful and enlightening.

Mbuji Mayi

We first traveled to Mbuji Mayi by plane. Every trip to a Congo airport is a new experience. It is hard to describe the chaos that one experiences upon arrival at any of their airports…it sometimes reminds me of the pictures of emergency evacuations of countries, like when the US pulled out of Viet Nam, where hundreds of people are pressing forward in an attempt to get on the last flights out of the country—only they do it here every day…

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Mbuji Mayi District Conference

The Clawson Chronicles

Here are some pics of the Mbuji Mayi District Conference. We flew to Mbuji Mayi on Friday; Saturday, while Pres. McMullin was in meetings at the District Offices, Terri and I were in other rooms with missionaries. Terri was dealing with their health issues while I talked to them about their apartments (we are also looking for new apartments in the area for expansion). Saturday afternoon were some meetings: Leadership meeting for both Priesthood and Relief Society, then immediately afterwards, the Adult Session. On Sunday was the general session, and in the afternoon we flew home.

By the way, I was asked to bear my testimony to almost a thousand people… in French…

MM Dist Conf day 1 (3)

Like in Kananga, they held the District Meetings in a large theater. It worked very well for their needs!

MM Dist Conf day 1 (4)

This is where the relief society met–a room just behind the large theater.

MM Dist Conf day 1 (11)

While the brethren met in…

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The Enclave: A Powerful Documentary on The Congo Shot Entirely on Infrared Film


Artist and photographer Richard Mosse reveals the stories behind the making of his latest film, ‘The Enclave’ (2013), in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which will be shown in the Irish Pavilion at this year’s 55th Venice Biennale.

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‘The Enclave’ dir. by Richard Mosse